Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Add prime storage space for your grilling tools, spices, and other outdoor amenities with one of these stainless steel Doors or Drawers. With their sleek designs and heavy-duty construction, these Doors and Drawers are both stylish and built to last.

These Propane Tank Enclosures are the ideal option to conceal your propane tank from the public eye. With their polished stainless steel and space saving design, these Propane Tank Enclosures are both extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose a Kitchen Accessory to Compliment your Built-In Grill and greatly improve the performance of your Outdoor Kitchen. These Kitchen Accessories can be built into your Outdoor Kitchen Island just like your Built-In Grill is. Choose from a wide range of exciting options. Add cooking area with an additional side burner. Store your food and beverages in a built-in refrigerator. Give yourself more storage area with drawers and cabinets. From warming drawers to built-in blenders, Woodland Direct has the accessories to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level.