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The concept is modular with flexibility at heart. Choose from a range of high-quality cooking options and then add your choice of stylish and contemporary facilities, for example, dining and bar areas, Side Burners, Sinks and Storage, Fridges, and Ice Chests. Design and installation are customs made to style your Outdoor Kitchen around your existing garden layout. Alternatively, you can choose from the range of purpose made BBQ products that are on offer.
The No.1 benefit of owning an outdoor kitchen is you'll have more fun entertaining! Grill up delicious food at home rather than ordering takeout from a restaurant for family gatherings. Plus, everybody loves hanging out by the grill to see what's cooking! Think of it as a social gathering area! Outdoor kitchens are much more than a place to put the BBQ grill. You can build up your whole outdoor area around the kitchen, adding patio furniture, patio heaters, and much more to create a comfortable outdoor paradise. It's all up to you and your entertaining and cooking preferences.
IMEL NZ limited a Kiwi company who brought the BBQ ISLAND concept to New Zealand. The Barbecue Island built within a shape and size to suit the outdoor space and entertaining outdoor requirements can make to your specifications. The IMEL TEAM will enjoy creating the perfect BBQ ISLAND to suit your tastes and needs. Enjoy the difference!


Since our inception, IMEL NZ LTD is certain we can provide you with a BBQ ISLAND that will meet your needs.
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